What Type of Shower Will Suit Your Bathroom?

What Type of Shower Will Suit Your Bathroom?

If you want to remodel your bathroom and are attempting to choose what kind of shower is best for your bathroom. A guide to bathroom remodeling that focuses on shower options has been developed by Toronto’s bathroom renovation experts.

The chic hardware and delicate embellishments will be the most intriguing aspects to consider while having a bathroom redesign done. However, these are not need to be the first factors you take into account when picking the best shower. Consider selecting the best foundation before considering the finishing touches.

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There are a few inquiries you must first address for yourself. How many bathrooms does my home have in total? What additional bathing amenities are there in each of my bathrooms? Will there be a lot of people using this shower? Who will be using this shower, and how old are they? Will the users require help bathing? Will I stay in this residence for a considerable amount of time? Or will I soon put my house on the market? What is the range of my maximum budget? How much upkeep on the shower am I willing to put in?

You will be prepared to narrow down your options and select the ideal shower for your bathroom once you learn the answers to the questions above. You must wish to choose one that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional over the long run.

1. Shower for saving space-

If you do not have too much space in your bathroom to spare, a neo-angle shower will just work fine for you. It is often known as a ‘corner-shower.’ A Neo-angle shower is fit in the corner of your bathroom and it uses the existing bathroom walls as a part of the shower enclosure.

The smart design of neo-angle showers not only saves space, but also money on materials and installation labour.

2. Shower for long-term-

If you have decided to live in your current home permanently, or if you have older members living with your already, the best choice for you would be a handicap-accessible roll-in shower.

These showers come with barrier-free entry, easy-to-reach faucet controls, ADA-compliant grab bars, slip-resistant flooring, handheld shower wand, optional built-in or portable shower seating.

This is a senior-friendly shower, with no threshold to step over. It is useful for those with wheelchairs and walkers and enables them to bathe independently. It also offers an open, airy feel making the bathrooms feel larger and more contemporary.

3. Shower for sharing-

If you will need to shower your shower between you, your children and your other family members, you must consider getting a versatile tub-shower combo.

A tub-shower combo combines both features into one, offering flexibility for all the users beginning from children who need help in the bath, older kids, teenagers, and adults, who can make a choice between a relaxing bath or a quick shower.

4. Shower for Relaxing-

If you want to attain a spa-like atmosphere in your new bathroom, then any of the above-mentioned designs could work well for you. Along with choosing the right shower, you will only need to invest in a few luxurious shower accessories to add that high-end ambience to your shower that you’re looking for.

You can choose from a wide range of shower accessories like custom—styled shower walls, beautifully designed glass shower doors, rain-style shower heads, built-in shelving, multiple shower heads and faucets, integrated soap caddies and foot pedestals, etc.


The experts of bathroom renovation in Toronto have shared a list of shower types that you may be willing to install in your new bathroom. You must be aware of all the features and prices that come with various shower types.

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