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New flooring in Toronto by VCG Corp

VCG Corp is the leading provider of  New flooring for residential places like the basement, kitchen, bathroom and Commercial like retail, restaurant and offices in Toronto, Canada. We have been serving our customers in Toronto since a long time.

We have been providing new flooring construction in Toronto since 15 years.

Looking for beautiful New flooring construction in Toronto – VCG Corp will make it!

Flooring is an integral part of a house, no matter whether you have urban home or rural home. Home that needs beauty and looks, New flooring construction is the solution.

wood flooring construction

Beautiful looking flooring not only adds to the charm and appeal of the home, but also increase the comfort level of occupants. Our professional will help you provide best looking flooring for your home / office property.

Buying new floor tiles is easy, but installing is not. VCG Corp will help you construct a new flooring in Toronto and GTA areas.

VCG Corp provides commercial flooring installation, residential flooring installation, tile installation, laminate flooring installation, ceramic flooring installation, concrete flooring installation and more. We provide you with latest and best designs for all constructions.

We hold the expertise to to suggest you the best designs and the right kind of construction to be made on your property.

Whether planning  to get hardwood flooring installed or a concrete flooring, we promise you beauty, excellent craftsmanship and innovation!

With So Many Flooring Options- VCG Corp One-Stop Shop For All Your New Flooring Needs

If you have been planning to go in for new flooring construction, it would be a nice idea to check out the options that we have to offer. We have multiple flooring options like –

  • Hardwood Flooring
  • Concrete flooring installation
  • Laminate Flooring
  • Vinyl Flooring
  • Ceramic flooring
  • Tile installation

laminate flooring construction

We educate you about the pros and cons of all these flooring options so you can take the best decision according to your needs and budget.

We have a huge collection of brushed, smooth, and engineered flooring in our warehouse, the moment you finalize one we will get the work going!

From the planning stage to the design stage, you get all types of construction services in Toronto, and we will make sure that all kinds of design expectations are met.

Why Choose VCG for New Flooring Construction in Toronto?

VCG Corp has been providing new flooring construction services in toronto since 15 years. We have professional team which can make you the design you want.  We also take order for custom made floors, with any kind of material, size, colour, design according to the clients requirement.

We pay close attention to every single detailing on the floor so that you only get compliments from the on lookers.

VCG Corp provides efficient service at the best prices. Call us today to get a in house visit today!


Professional Work

“I hired VCG Corp to construct New Flooring for our residential property. We got expert opinion for designs and I’m completely satisfied by it. ”

Mary Magdelene, Toronto

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