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Custom Build Home – Toronto, Canada

VCG Corp provides custom build home service for our client in Toronto, Canada. We have been providing custom home services to our clients in Toronto since 25 years. If you have some specific design or model for your new home, feel free to call us and share it with our experts. We will be glad to convert your custom design to to reality at best prices! Call us today and speak to our experts.



We can build all kinds of custom homes with custom designs. Like Energy efficient homes, custom office space in home, custom rooms, customized bathroom, custom kitchen, custom balcony, custom designs and more.

Our Custom Build home renovation project in Toronto –

Location: Nora Rd Etobicoke, Ontario

Area: 5200SF including basement

Duration: 9 months

custom home build construction in toronto

before renovation

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custom build home toronto

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Custom build home toronto

Description: New built custom home contemporary look from outside, finished with polished Indiana limestone, Snow melt system walkway and driveway, smart sprinkler system.

The interior is all open concept, huge windows brings light in both livingroom and kitchen.

The house has voice control over cameras, sprinkler system, front door bell, music system, infloor heating, snowmelt system and many more.

Modern kitchen design, high ceilings makes everything look rich, high rich poplar doors and baseboards.

Master bathroom takes lots of attention on our design team making it unique master bedroom in its style.

Huge skylight and modern chandeliers. This house is one of the best in Canada, finished on a record time.


Why select VCG Corp for Custom Build home in Toronto?

VCG Corp is the leading provider of interior renovation and remodeling in Toronto. We have completed over 250 projects in Toronto and GTA area.  We provide efficient services at best prices in Canada. Our clients speak for our quality works.

Call us today and get a free quote for your next project.

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